Specialising in all things IBMi, iSeries, AS400, RPG, EDI, JBA System21
Specialising in all things IBMi, iSeries, AS400, RPG, EDI, JBA System21


I provided AHED Ltd with a range of IT services including project management, implementation, hardware and software support and development over a 7-year period up to July 2008. This including defining and implementing IT strategy.

• I installed an Ethernet network, ADSL and a Windows 2000 server for file/printer sharing and running an email server. This replaced individual internet email accounts and dial up modems. The server and email application were subsequently upgraded by myself to a Windows 2003 server running Microsoft Exchange.

• I upgraded the AS400 hardware to a model 720 then the to a model 520. I also upgraded OS400 from V3R7 through a number of intermediate versions to V5R3, managed the AS400 hardware and software, regularly applied PTF’s, defined and scheduled backups. I developed a job scheduler to manage the system.

• Designed and developed a number of add-on reporting and data extraction modules for the Chorus/Jobs ERP system.

• Designed and developed an EDI system based on Inovis TrustedLink with interfaces to/from the Chorus/Jobs ERP system. This included communications links with GXS, Freeway Commerce and WeSupply.

• Following the takeover of Ahed by BSS Group, I managed the transition of EDI messages to the group Unix based EDI system, managed the removal and disposal of all redundant IT equipment after replacement by new group standard equipment.