KV Computer Services

I was responsible for analysis of client’s requirements for customisation of KV Computer Services Payroll, Personnel and BACS applications, producing specifications and carrying out development using RPG, CL and DDS.  I also provided support and training to existing clients and product demonstrations to potential clients as well as being responsible for the operation of the company’s AS400 system.

I was responsible for the selection and implementation of a Windows based GUI for the Payroll and Personnel systems, the product chosen was Seagull Software’s GUI/400 .  I developed the GUI and links to Microsoft Excel and Word using scripts developed in VBA.  I also developed a report writer in VB6 which used IBM Client Access API’s to link to data on the AS/400 to allow this data to be extracted to a number of destinations.  Once the GUI and Report Writer had been developed, I was responsible for preparing all of the marketing information and running a series of presentations for existing and potential KV customers.  These products were very well accepted by the KV user community and approximately 60% of the user base (totalling 120) purchased both products.