PWS Distributors

I provided PWS Distributors Ltd with a range of IT services including project management, implementation, support and development over a period of 10 years.

• I managed and implemented an AS400 hardware upgrade from a model 170 to a larger model 270. I was responsible for defining and maintaining the system scheduled jobs using the JBA System Manager.

• I designed and developed a number of interfaces with JBA System/21, including a Windows based Warehouse Management system and a Document Imaging system.

• I designed and developed a web based ordering system using XML, MSSQL, IIS and ASP. The resulting order files were then interfaced into the JBA System/21 sales order processing system.

• I upgraded JBA System/21 and all of the PWS specific modifications from version 3.5.1 to version 3.5.2 sp4.

• During the cut-over to an in-house developed MSSQL based ERP system I developed a number of interfaces to allow data to be passed between the new system and JBA System/21 so that processing could be carried out in parallel on both systems. I also developed interfaces between the new system and the JBA System/21 Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable systems.