Warnaco (Calvin Klein)

Warnaco are a US based company who own the Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Jeans brands.

• My initial assignment at Warnaco was to stabilise the existing EDI systems by resolving a number of operational and technical problems that had been outstanding for some time. The EDI system was ETS/400 which was interfacing with JBA System/21 Apparel.

• Developed and implemented a communication system to allow Warnaco to move from an in-house EDI tool to a GXS hosted solution. Worked with GXS project managers and development teams to migrate all EDI translations to the GXS platform. Assisted with the recruitment of and trained 2 permanent members of staff to manage the system after implementation.

• Was part of a team which merged Calvin Klein Jeanswear and Calvin Klein Underwear into a single company with a new build DC. Developed interfaces between existing systems and JBA System/21 Finance, Sales Order and Purchase Management modules as well as external systems.